Specialist marketing campaign management software

  • Consult product stock in real time

    With V4S you can consult product stock at the point of sale and the competition, activate marketing campaigns, manage incidents – in real time. With the Business Intelligence of V4S, all data is analysed in an organised and grouped way in a structure in line with the client’s needs.
  • Manages, analyses and collects data

    The marketing campaign software, Value4Sales, is the tool that manages, analyses and collects data on marketing activities, be it in a chain, a point of sale (POS) or in a trade route.
  • Business intelligence

    With all the data collected, the client is able to make strategic decisions, acting quickly and efficiently. You know at any moment the exact position of your products in the market
  • Business Intelligence

    Information organised, grouped, with a structure in line with the needs of customers at all times.

  • Traceability

    Traceability history in each Point of Sale.

  • Data analysis

    Data models with the ability to accurately and effectively measure the different campaigns.

  • Stock control

    Analyse the stock and the competition in real time.

  • Planograms

    Monitor the location of products at the time of the marketing activity.

  • Promotional Calendar

    Monitoring compliance with the entire marketing activity calendar.

  • Campaign Management

    Check the status of all marketing campaigns by accessing all the details.

  • Order tracking

    Follow the orders to know at all times the status of requests.

  • Incidents

    Display and management of incidents for a quick action.