The ‘VIII Study on the Management of Commercial Networks in Spain 2018’, has been completed by IESE with the collaboration of Barna Consulting Group. To carry out the analysis, a survey of 700 general managers and sales directors in companies from all fields has been carried out. In conclusion, the study shows that in recent times national companies “have made an effort to adapt to an environment of deep crisis and improve the quality of the sales force.” In general, the market has undergone a great evolution, due to the irruption of the new technologies, but the sales networks need to vary at the same rate. On this issue, Caher Marketing Services says:

“It is a growing sector because we consider that companies increasingly want to get rid of fixed costs and pass them to variables. In addition, they optimize costs and processes, so we believe that the sector will continue to rise ”.

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The technological revolution has broken into this leading trade marketing agency, which has included Value4Sales commercial marketing software in the development of promotional campaigns. This is a tool that allows you to manage, analyze and collect data from commercial actions, whether in a chain, a point of sale (POS) or throughout a commercial route. And as for the services, it has included the one of “Mistery Shopper”, to guarantee an evaluation of the service, of the performance in the P.V. and adequate and personalized on-site training.

On the other hand, last year Caher invested € 200,000 in opening a delegation in Portugal. In addition, it provides another disbursement of € 150,000 destined to the entry of a business unit for the pharmaceutical channel. Finally, for the future Caher Servicios al Marketing plans to internationalize and enter new sectors.