At Caher Pharma we manage, activate and implement, with total security, agility and detail, your promotional campaigns in pharmacies and parapharmacies, helping you to increase your sales and your product distribution.

We know how important it is to arrive first, and above all to adapt to the new promotional trends that the pharmaceutical sector Consumer Health is embracing. At Caher we meet these goals thanks to our extensive multi-sectoral experience in competitive environments.

  1. Product visibility and activation

    We manage, negotiate, evaluate and increase visibility of your brands and other stock using our specialised point-of-sale teams who install, position and manage point-of-purchase displays and other visual merchandising according to categories, using planograms, to increase sales effectiveness and improve product visibility within the pharmacy.
  2. Training and Knowledge

    We train and advise pharmacists and auxiliaries, through close and personalized contact, on product benefits, on how to improve assortment management, on sales techniques and detection of opportunities, to increase prescription and cross-selling of your products.
  3. Promotion and Motivation

    We carry out promotional activities and product demonstrations using our teams specialising in promotion and motivation. These activities add value to the pharmacy, they increase customer engagement by creating more memorable experiences, and they increase the brand’s share of voice. All of these activities are clearly directed towards obtaining results.