He has more than 25 years of professional experience in leading consumer companies such as Procter & Gamble, Vileda or GM Food, as Marketing Director and Commercial Director. In addition, he has founded and has been CEO of one of the first online supermarkets with Pure Player model in Spain: Your Other Super, now owned by the Dian Group distributor.

What motivated you to bet on the Caher project?

There are two reasons: the first people. I have found a team of excellent professionals and people. This does not abound. This is an environment where I feel comfortable and where I can and let me help.

The second is at the same time Caher’s leadership situation, but also the enormous potential for business growth that he still has. The 2 factors make Caher a very attractive company.

What goals have you set for the short-medium term?

Fundamentally two: the first to help Caher grow steadily until he reaches undisputed leadership in his sector.

The second helps to develop a working method like that of the multinationals in which I have worked. This means working in several areas:

  1. 1. The development of strategies aimed at deepening our differentiation from other competitors.
  2. 2. The development of talent.
  3. 3. The organization of processes.
  4. 4. The permanent search for innovation so that our differentiation is sustainable over time.

What growth projection does Caher have?

Caher has huge growth potential. Basically there are 2 pillars of growth:

  1. 1. Earn share to our competitors. So far we have grown because our clients were large and we grew with them. Now we can grow more by getting someone who has not worked with us to know and test us. We are a very serious company and this, in this sector, is very relevant.
  1. 2. Enter new sectors. In fact, we are already doing them. We visit 15,000 points of sale weekly between hypermarkets, supermarkets, perfumeries, HORECA establishments … We have also entered the Pharma sector. We have enormous potential in this regard. In addition, there are other sectors in which we can help to have a much more effective and efficient point of sale management.

How do you think the sector will evolve?

The sector must evolve to become part of the commercial or marketing team of its customers. I explain; The companies in our sector are obliged to be much more analytical and strategic and show that the value they give to their customers is sales and incremental margin. Today many do not or do not know.

On the other hand, technology must transform the sector. The sector must incorporate new technologies to gain efficiency in its processes, to generate relevant information for its customers on which to cement its strategies and to become its eyes at the point of sale.

“Focused on business growth through business diagnosis, the design of marketing and commercial strategies and the implementation of coherent action plans.”

“Strategic and innovative leader that generates impact on the business and people.”

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