Caher is the leading marketing services company at Point of Sale and outsourcing managers and sales teams. He has been creating value for his clients for more than 25 years. Your trust guarantees the experience and knowledge of the market. He is working for clients like CocaCola, Danone, Hasbro, L’Oreal, Purina…

Given their adaptability they work for various sectors such as food, drinks, pet care, bazaar, cosmetics, toys… visiting large stores, supermarkets and specialized channel.

Value4sales is the exclusive reporting and business intelligence tool that allows them to collect online, real and accurate information at the same Point of Sale.

It has its own warehouse network in the Peninsula, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Portugal. This network ensures the distribution and placement of the material used at the Point of Sale, as well as optimizing and reducing the costs of its customers.

Currently, thanks to the entry of Suma Capital into the shareholding, Caher is experiencing exponential growth, betting on the diversification of sectors as well as geographical expansion, having opened the first delegation in Portugal 6 months ago.

Thanks to its qualified staff and its long trajectory, they ensure total flexibility to the needs of each client, being able to manage the entire Point of Sale, from replacement profiles to commercials and promotions that increase the visibility of the product and, therefore, enhance the sales of this one.